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Pink Bouncing & Retrieving Toy (half price sale)


Dog bounceng ball orange
Your dog will love this crazy bouncing ball.
Dog playing with a ball
Crazy Bounce Ball

The  Toy is designed to withstand the abuse of most “power chewer” dogs. Chewing on this toy can help keep your dogs teeth clean and breath fresh.

No dog toy is indestructible. Supervise dogs while playing with this toy. Inspect toy frequently. Remove damaged toys. Replace worn or damaged toys or if it becomes too small to chew safely. This product is not intended to be eaten or swallowed. If your dog swallows a piece, take this toy away and contact your veterinarian.

LARGE: 2.875″ tall x 2.875″ wide x 2.875 thick. Weight: 6.7 oz. For dogs 30-65 lbs/15-30 kg.

Sodapup Dog Toys

Chewing is often thought of as negative dog behaviour- especially when it relates to your pooch chewing on your shoes or furniture. However, there are many benefits to chewing for dogs that you may not be aware of.  How can you keep your possessions safe but also allow your dog to reap from all the benefits of chewing? The key is redirecting that behaviour to chew toys for dogs.

Soda-Pup Dog Chewing Toys

Soda-Pup dog chew toys are designed for the most aggressive chewers.

Dog enrichment toys are the perfect way to activate your dog’s natural instincts to forage for food.  The best enrichment toys for dogs keep your dog entertained and mentally engaged. Canine enrichment toys run the gamut from dog treat dispensers, treat puzzles for dogs, and lick mats for dogs.  SodaPup has the largest assortment of dog enrichment toys.

Soda-Pup Dog Slow Feeders

Soda-Pup treat dispensers are excellent dog enrichment toys.  Fill these treat dispensers with kibble or with more advanced recipes like peanut butter, cottage cheese, non-fat yogurt, fruits and vegetables, chicken broth and more!  Treat puzzles for dogs like our treat dispensing toys will stimulate your dog and keep him mentally engaged.  These treat dispensing dog toys will also help slow down dogs that eat too quickly.  Treat dispensers are excellent tools to deal with separation anxiety and can also be used for crate training.


Soda-Pup Enrichment Lick Mat

Soda-Pup Enrichment Lick Mats are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes. Some of the many Benefits include keeping your dog or cat entertained while avoiding over feeding. Soda-Pup  E-mats set a new standard in the slow feeding category. They are strong and very durable so they give your dog an extra challenge at feeding time.


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Pink  Crazy Bounce:


This toy is for playing outdoors with.

This ball will keep your dog on their paws for stimulating and entertaining play.

ORANGE:  The rubber compound is a durable material with strength for the most aggressive chewers.

DOG BALL: Stimulating and entertaining for dogs with its unique design for erratic bounce. The solid natural rubber design provides strength yet enough give to hold up while still stimulating their chompers
POWER CHEWERS: Ultra-durable solid rubber retrieving ball for power-chewers. REDUCES PROBLEM BEHAVIORS: Reduces problem chewing, helps reduce boredom, and relieves separation anxiety.

SodaPup’s all natural rubber compound is FDA compliant, non-toxic and biodegradable. I. 

MADE IN USA: Proudly keeping jobs in America! Designed and manufactured in the USA!

LARGE: 2.875″ tall x 2.875″ wide x 2.875 thick. Weight: 6.7 oz. For dogs 30-65 lbs/15-30 kg.

Dog Exercise is important 

It is important for all dogs to get regular exercise for their physical health to ensure they don’t gain weight putting extra stress on their joints. Throwing a ball outdoors is  great fun for both you and your dog the crazy bounce ball is designed for playing with.

Ensure you have lots of space to play in because this ball isn’t called crazy bounce for nothing!

Qualty Dog Toys

We are a small Irish pet product distribution company based in Wicklow. We love Soda-pup toys as they are something different and exciting.  It can be a good idea to give them an alternative toy sometimes. My own dogs favorite is the large green can and we use it as a treat and for giving him food from it.

This ensures he gets mental stimulation during the day, although no toy is indestructible so always supervise your dog when eating or playing with chew toys.


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