Dog Enrichment – A Beginner’s Gude

Enrichment for your dog is very important and can help with separation anxiety and/or excess energy. The activity does not need to be complicated or time consuming. You can turn the preparation for the enrichment toy into a fun family activity by including your children as we do with Harvey. I always include my two Children in the preparation of the enrichment toy for Harvey, this way it can be a fun family activity.

A good way to start is with a Sodapup Enrichment Mat.  These are on the website in many colours and designs.

Sodapup Ireland

The topping can be the normal food your dog is fed, Raw or Wet food can be ideal but you can also soak kibbles until soft and then spread it over the mat. This can be placed in the freezer and can be given to the dog once frozen. This adds an extra little challenge to the activity. One favourite topping for Harvey is Peanut butter for dogs or Frozzys frozen yogurt for dogs. It is important to use the products developed for dogs as some human products have ingredients that are unsuitable for dogs. These items can be purchased from the website.

Don’t be put off when looking at some advanced social media images of Dog enrichment recipes many owners compete between themselves to invent the most elaborate and interesting games for their dogs. You can start with the basics and work your way up through the stages. The activity is for for your dogs mental stimulation and the frequency of the activity is more important than the elaborate look or time it takes to prepare the activity.

If you have any question’s please contact us on on the website. This activity will keep your dog busy when you’re busy at home or work. Best of luck and make sure you enjoy this time with your dog.